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Jan 21, 2013 11:15am EST
would give the country about a 30% chance of obama and the nation experiencing an improved security of economic climate. after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest that the gamble should not be taken. simply, that history into playing with politics might give us pause. so what does history predicted about a second term for barack obama lacks were he reelected with so few presidents having success at that time in office. what are the challenges that face those who have trouble or failed second terms, and what about others to succeed? and ken barack obama overcome these challenges if he is reelected to become a member of that select group of presidents that waded through the quagmires of second terms come and somehow came through relatively unscathed? success in a second term does not imply that there were not failures, or significant stumbles. some even severe during that tenure. but the net impact of that time in office had to be the fulfillment of a significant number of the following measures of success. first, the president must provide defense against foreign or domes
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
country drifting back towards dictatorship? , >> guest: is a countries whose future is uncertain, and certainly it could become -- and already is a bit off the path of democracy in my assessment, but the battle really isn't lost. the american government -- the obama administration is trying to do what it can to stabilize things, but it lost a lot of influence with the departure of american forces. one thing that the american forces did get in the united states is more clout inside of iraq. >> host: talk about the release of a man accused of killing american soldiers. this issue that you write about in your book, "the endgame," but also some news that came out in november about the release of ali. >> guest: there's been a number of events that i think have worked against the american interest in iraq. that duke is one of them. she is an iraqi come he is a lebanese who was sent into iraq at the behest of the american courts because hezbollah is supported by iran. for the purposes of training of the shiite militia who were fighting the american troops, and he was captured along with a nu
Jan 21, 2013 8:30am EST
the country, and it's sort of informally called -- the main tried out here, the tribe from which barack obama family came. we drove from kisumu down to a little town where we interviewed barack obama's only living paternal aunt. the sister of barack obama, sr., living in a small mud floored one room house back in the back streets of this tiny village, with only a couple of couches their, and about five, six pictures and a few calendars on the wall, and most of them related to the president of united states. and to think that this woman, you can't go any further into the middle of nowhere from the western world to this small village in africa and to think that the brother of this woman is the president of the united states is kind of mind-boggling, awesome, and revelatory. so that is how we started today. and then from there we interviewed three other members of the obama clan in they can do they area around lake victoria, all of who told stories that you could never get from anywhere else about obama's grandfather, all young go obama. as father barack obama, sr., we walked throug
Jan 20, 2013 7:00am EST
here in the country where people with becoming more aware of the latino presence, and the importance steps that latinos are playing right now, especially in politics, you know, the latino vote very important in getting obama re-elected, and now, you know, the event that the republican party, it seems, that they really do need to change their thinking with latinos, and the issue important to us like immigration. i am very excited about, you know, the way the country is looking at latinos and to realize that, you know, we are an important part of the society. we need to work hard to create immigration reform to help those here to definitely move up, and to become an important power in politics and sectors of the society. very exciting times. >> host: speaking of the 2012 vote and latino vote, did you vote for president obama? are you a citizen today? >> guest: i am a citizen today, yes, aam. >> host: did you support president obama for re-elect? >> guest: i did, i did, i voted for him. >> host: can you tell us why? >> guest: i voted for him because, first of all, di not like the way ro
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4